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Welcome to our FriendlySudbury website with input from Our Towns Our City Institute and  objective review and comments with respect to local municipal government and in particular serious concerns related to the KED and Junction East and West and other projects. Also further below on this page the goals of Friendly Sudbury and a link to Sudbury Citizens for Safety.

How did we arrive at this point in time with respect to the biggest possible expenditure in the history of Sudbury and that has created so much dissention throughout the community?  To find out click here.

There has been a lot of expressed concern over the Big Projects proposed by city council which we have provided on this site which you can review. If you have any comments or questions please send them to the following  johnl.fdi@gmail.com or thomas.price143@gmail.com  Thanks for your interest.

New: An on-line petition has been created  - sign up at: www.change.org/stoptheKED

More information?  Comparison of site locations for a new arena proposed for the Kingsway vs downtown Sudbury - the matrix can be accessed here:

A video with Tom Price of Our Towns - Our City Institute explains further:  https://youtu.be/BCjrSikDJjc

New: concern re spending on big blunders and who speaks for the city? here

 Two more newspaper items of importance here and here  More and more citizens are expressing their concern like Vicki McGauley in her "Breaking my heart" piece.  Those in favour of the KED like the most vocal Councillor Robert Kirwan have only unsubstantiated claims of job and tax creation and ignore all the evidence to the contrary. Why?   

New:  Tom Price on Buzz Words here an Unknowns here

Truth and Consequences - KED spending excess revealed with Tom Price in July 2021 https://youtu.be/0f7_0UNq17A

Since this analysis was completed 3rdLine Studio, local architectural firm developed a plan to renovate the present arena click here

New: An on-line petition has been created  - sign up at: www.change.org/stoptheKED

A more recent video (July2021) with Tom Price updating the issue: https://youtu.be/RuNTgVx4H5k

City Councillor McCausland feels he was lied to by Mayor and we agree:

Column: 'I feel now that we were lied to' | Sudbury Star (thesudburystar.com)

Mayor promises full information on KED at 2.54 of the video click below: 


Or for condensed version: https://youtu.be/FdqR0CvnfvU

Also hear CBC radio story with Mayor's statement click link below:


Feb. Ninth Council Meeting Discussion re Review of Event Centre (KED) begins at 1.13 on video .. reference to what to be included in review at 2.43.30 and Mayor statement - click link below:  


 City moves ahead on Project regardless of concerns here

 Related to above - Council Meeting "disaster" here

 Our town Our City has concerns about the pollution threat of the KED on Ramsey Lake Water Supply: For more info click here

Video explaining Killer KED report: https://youtu.be/rbvePP1PFQ0

Report on Salt Threat to Ramsey Lake: https://youtu.be/nbC7p4xRiuc

Citizen Input - samples that deserves to be read: 

Citizen Ian Berdusco 12 reasons to rethink KED etc. click here

Comments from Art Peach here.

Two other citizens express valid concerns of importance here

New: More citizens comments - published letters July 30th here

Published letter on KED realities here

Tom Price KED Chaos needs resolution here

 Listing of correspondence etc. here

History: Submission to the LPAT re the KED click here

Other options for the Kingsway Property by Tom Price here

Below are expense records requested from the city for the KED and also the Junction Projects East and West.  Staff had only reported totals to Council and we felt a more detailed accounting was required.  You will note that not all expenses were listed - We hope councilors will ask for more explanation.

Freedom of Information Expense Request Reply for KED here

Supplied redacted list of KED expenses here  

Other Concerns

As do others we oppose the Junction Projects both East and West and in particular the plans for a new library and Art Gallery: See reasons here

Junction Freedom on Information Expenses reply and report here here

We have serious doubts about the proposed twin pad arena for the Valley replacing valuable and accessible community arenas

Other Information of Interest concerning Community Issues here

We value your opinion:  Please e-mail to:  thomas.price143@gmail.com

If you have concerns call your councillor and express your opinion directly and write a letter to editor:  sud.letters@sunmedia.ca and mgentili@sudbury.com

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What is Friendly Sudbury?

The bilingual "Friendly Sudbury" logo in city colours with a border of blue representing our many lakes projects our city image of being clean and green.  We would like to see our City to be:  Age Friendly, Arts Friendly, Business Friendly, City Hall Friendly, Cycle Friendly, Disability Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, Ethnic Friendly, Gender Friendly, Health Friendly, Lake Friendly, Park Friendly, Pedestrian Friendly, Shopping Friendly, Sports Friendly and Visitor Friendly. You can help make it so!

Consider visiting these Friendly Sudbury websites:

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For information on Sudbury Citizens for Safety please click here.